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Q & A

Who organizes the Taste of Aliso Niguel?

The Taste of Aliso Niguel was started thirteen years ago by parents of students at Aliso Niguel High School, who later became Parents For Aliso Niguel (PFAN), now a 501(c)3 non-profit, organization.  

Do you have to be a booster club to participate?

No.  Any student organization or sport with an ASB trust account or their own 501c3 can participate.

How do activities support groups and/or Booster clubs raise money?

Clubs can raise money in three ways:

  1. Sell tickets.   

  2. Silent Auction Items.  

  3. Sponsorships.  50% of the Sponsorship donation will be applied to the ANHS student’s account for their activity, club or team. 

Where does the money not paid to the clubs/boosters go?

The remaining revenue of each ticket price not paid out, along with proceeds from beverage sales, is used to pay event expenses.  Additional earnings are used as seed money for the next event -— site deposit, insurance, and permits, etc., and also to support school-wide projects agreed upon by the PFAN Board and the school administration. 

Do restaurants have to pay anything to participate?

No.  It's an opportunity for them to showcase their food and network with parent support groups (e.g., booster clubs). It is important for participating parent groups to remember that the restaurants are helping them raise money — and it’s important for the booster clubs to pay them back with their business.

Is there information available to give restaurants who may want to participate?

Yes.  Download this Restaurant Information Packet to give to potential restaurants.  Our restaurant committee will confirm their participation via follow-up phone calls to the restaurateurs. 

If clubs get someone to donate an item to the silent auction, do they have to complete or sign anything?

Except for setting up the venue — the tent, and the lighting, etc — the silent auction is run totally by each booster club. We will provide some sample donation solicitation letters but each club is responsible for finalizing its own letter for donations, using their own non-profit ID# and using their own contact information.

What kind of advertising/table top displays can clubs set up to show off their donors’ items?

Clubs are totally responsible for how they run their silent auction, which includes signage and display of items. 

Do restaurants or silent auction donors receive any free tickets for participating?

The booster clubs cannot offer free tickets to anybody unless they purchase them on their own.  For instance, if somebody offers a big ticket donation for their silent auction table — like a trip to Cancun — a club can buy a Taste ticket for that donor, but that is that club’s decision.

To request a copy of the Club/Booster Information Packet, email us at or for additional questions, contact us at

Important Dates

Jan 23, 2020

7:30 pm

Booster Club Info Meeting

@ ANHS library

Feb 01, 2020

All Day

Booster Club Commitment Deadline

Please email us at to confirm your club's participation and request your quantity of printed tickets.

Mar 12, 2020

7:30 pm

Booster Club Meeting

@ ANHS lounge (front office area).  Printed tickets will be distributed.

Mar 13, 2020

Sponsorship Deadline

Paid sponsorship commitments must be confirmed. 50% of corporate donations are paid back to your club/program.  See Sponsorship in the main menu for more information.

Apr 16, 2020

7:30 pm

Booster Club Meeting

@ ANHS lounge (front office area).  General information.

Apr 10, 2020

7:30 PM

Restaurant Commitment Deadline

Restaurant referrals are appreciated.

Apr 17, 2020

All Day

Ticket Money Due

Turn in all ticket money and unsold tickets to PFAN. Clubs/boosters are responsible for the full price of any tickets not turned in (missing).  Please track your sales carefully.

Apr 17, 2020

All Day

Auction Table Commitment Due

We also have to have payment, if applicable.

Apr 25, 2020


13th Annual Taste of Aliso Niguel!

Let the festivities begin.  Good luck to all.  GO WOLVERINES!

May 01, 2020

May date TBD

Event Follow-Up Meeting

Event follow-up meeting and celebration with donation disbursement.

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